Why A Business Needs A SMART Office Solution

With continuous growth of voice and multimedia devices businesses are finding a need to change their communication capabilities.  Consumers and businesses alike are using laptops, smart phones, and tablets to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and business associates.  Regular telephone service is becoming more obsolete, and since there are such a variety of devices there are also a variety of service providers that are needed to send text messages, voice and video communications across diverse networks for these devices.  This can be quite costly for enterprises to remain competitive in the industry and many are turning to cloud-based solutions to improve capabilities and reduce costs.  A solution like SMART Office.

SMART Office solution provides the capability for enterprises of different sizes to consolidate and join their multimedia and voice communications across the diverse networks on the array of devices in use today.  Employees are able to communicate more effectively and efficiently to improve their productivity.  This permits a business to scale as they should.  The user experience, through SMART Office, provides better connectivity, even across the globe, with a variety of special and integrated features, whether they’re at home or using a mobile device.  Some of these features include, VoIP calling (including web, mobile, and video), collaboration, UMM (Unified Multimedia Messaging), and Microsoft integration.

With service providers and enterprises being able to deliver more effectively and conveniently with SMART Office solutions, the applications are more cost-effective and can improve traffic onto their networks which can improve revenue growth.  Even non-mobile operators have the opportunity to strengthen their enterprise with the mobility solution available with a SMART Office solution.

There are a variety of SMART Office solutions which can include Hosted Unified Communications.  Hosted Unified Communications enables voice over broadband for business users.  It provides flexible and easy movement from older services while supporting regulatory features.  It offers advanced services to attract and drive new customers to their business, again while achieving revenue growth goals.

Multimedia Messaging SMART Office solution provides a single messaging interface for all messaging applications.  This can improve retention and prevent calls from being terminated.  It can be challenging for business users to negotiate between the mobile messaging platforms, VoIP, and multiple fixed platforms but with Multimedia Messaging, a SMART Office solution, this improves functionality, retention, and customer satisfaction.  And it’s all in real-time, which makes a difference.

The market for needing a smarter approach to networking is upon businesses and enterprises.  User’s are turning more and more to a variety of devices to communicate with, as well as, a variety of service including social networks, and these devices carry various providers.  So in order not to get tangled up in time consuming and costly legacy options finding a way to infiltrate successfully is a necessity.  The best way to remain competitive in the industry is to find a SMART Office solution that enable operators and businesses to communicate over these various devices and networks efficiently and effectively.


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