What Does Your Web Design Say About Your Business?

22 What Does Your Web Design Say About Your Business?

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As a small business, web design is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. When you get it right, it will say everything you want to, without saying anything at all. First impressions make a huge difference in the online world. Web users are notoriously fickle. They’ll wander onto your site, but it’s your job to keep them there! It’s your job to convince them you’re the best. And you don’t have a lot of time to do that.

That’s why it’s so important to get your web design right. A good website screams professionalism. It will set your stall out as a leader or expert and guide people through a journey to your product. If you’ve shrugged off your web design, take a second to think what the results are saying about your business. Users make a split second judgement on your company based on the website. So, what does your web design say about your business?

Are you an expert?

The best web design helps position the business as an expert. Yours should too. This can be through clever use of copy and word play. It could be through strong imagery and the flow of the site. It could be the way you portray your products and services. There are a few ways you can position yourself as an expert here. One way is to make use of customer testimonials, especially from big names. Use their logos on your site. Secondly, provide a blog or FAQ that answers all their possible questions.

Does it represent your industry?

One big mistake that some businesses make is striving to be too unique. Yes, there is such a thing! Your most important job with web design is to inform new visitors exactly what you do. Take note of what others in your industry are doing and adapt to fit. For example, a medical web design will typically be very clean, professional and friendly. It’s a representation of their services. Is your site a good representation of your services?

Do you look professional?

Web design techniques move forward fast. The internet is constantly reinventing itself. That means that websites more than a few years old have a tendency to look outdated. A huge proportion of users judge a business’ professionalism by its website. If it is outdated, poorly laid out or using bad images, they’ll run a mile. A strong, professional website shows that you are a strong, professional company.

Are you appealing to the right audience?

The best web designers know that you can use your design to appeal to certain people. For example, a site designed to appeal to women would feature purples, greens and blues. These are colours that naturally intrigue women. Whereas men are more naturally attracted to blacks, reds and also blues. You can choose imagery and language that appeal and reach out to a new audience. Always bear your customers in mind when creating your web design.

There you have it, folks! Your potential customers make an instant judgement when they land on your site. What is your website saying about you?


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