SEO Secrets to Make Your Site More Visible
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SEO is designed to make life easier for the budding entrepreneur. After all, what could be better than using tried and tested SEO methods to make your business more prominent? You don’t even have to have a big budget to get the ball rolling. But, amongst the standard tips and hints, there are some SEO secrets. You must use them to make your site more visible online.

So, what are these secret tips? And, how can they boost your business? Read on to find out more.

Plan for Success

Yes, really. You need to ensure that you have a set of clearly defined goals in order to make SEO work for you. You cannot blindly throw keywords around and hope for the best. You have to sit and plan for SEO. So, look at your business. What do you want to achieve? Acquisition or retention? Thinking about how your company works and what goals you have will stand you in good stead.

Research Keywords

Keywords are fundamental to your site. But, you don’t have to go for the most obvious keywords to make your page rank higher. The digital experts at an SEO company in Charlotte NC have said that your need to have a more conversational grasp on your keywords. Incorporate popular slang into your terms to ensure that you are reaching out to a wider audience. Get your sales staff to determine what words are more commonly used, including fewer formal terms. All of these factors are the keys to your success. Google Adwords can help you with this, so you don’t have to go through the painstaking process of compiling hundreds of keywords.

Is Your Site Search Engine Friendly?

Crawlers and bots need to ensure that you are being shown. But, they don’t have to show you if your site is not up to scratch. In the world of SEO, it’s not all about content. In some cases, a simple site audit and a rebrand of your website are what is needed. Is your site secure to use? Can you master the navigation with ease? Even using Java Script can be detrimental to your website and how high it ranks. Flash, Ajax and Java, when used excessively, can make it difficult for the bots to find out. Make their life easier by removing these unnecessary things. You will see that your site is more visible. With that will come an increase in sales?

 32 1024x724 SEO Secrets to Make Your Site More Visible


SEO: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

When it comes to good SEO, this is an ongoing, linear process. Putting an article out, once per month and creating one PPC campaign will not see you prominent in SERPs. You need to ensure that you are using SEO methods on an ongoing basis. You need to dedicate at least one hour per day to SEO. Look at new keywords, put out content, make sure that you are updating your social media. You need to build a web presence that is unrivalled. So, ensure that you are doing some important SEO practices every day to see your site soar.


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