Compare and Merge Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

There are times when a user needs to compare 2 PowerPoint presentations to assess the changes brought about by the co-workers or the employees. There are  times, when a client is prone to make changes to a presentation and to serve all these purposes, the Review features of PowerPoint 2010 help the user to a great deal. The review features of PowerPoint 2010 help the user in an ample of ways and simplify his work to a big extent. The conventional way to compare two presentations is to check every slide one by one and spot the changes. Not only the changes are to be spotted, but also an acute attention needs to be paid to the modifications done in the presentation. This becomes a hectic and boring task for the user to accomplish requiring a lot of time scale. In the fast moving business world, it becomes necessary to finish work in quick time and to help the user achieve that, PowerPoint 2010 has a provision for Compare button which enables the user to command the proof reading of presentations and spotting unseen changes and differences available in the presentation.

To give an example on how this review option works in PowerPoint, we will make a comparison of a presentation created for a client on a social media platform.

14 Compare and Merge Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

For merging and making comparisons between the presentations, the user is required to open any of the presentation and click on “Review”. The next step is to go and click on the Compare tab which will facilitate the opening of a new window displaying the presentations user needs to compare and match.

The very next step requires the user to click on the Select Tab and then click on the Merge button. This paves way to a new panel that displays the changes for comparison. This shows the user icons which point out the differences that exist between the two files.

21 Compare and Merge Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

On the top section of Reviewing Pane, the user can spot the list of changes on the present slide. On the contrary, the under portion of the reviewing pane enables the user to see changes to all the slides available in the presentation. The users who require a visual comparison can click on the slides available on the upper section of the reviewing window.

36 Compare and Merge Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

The next step is to apply those changes to the presentation. To ensure this, the user is required to select a slide and go through the review tab again. The browser then asks you to either accept or decline; in this case the user is required to select “Accept”. There is a choice available to the user in accept mode, he has a choice either to accept the changes to the present slide or accept changes for the entire presentation, not leaving any trace of slide behind.

The user has the privilege to reject this function by simply clicking on the Reject function.

5 Compare and Merge Presentations in PowerPoint 2010

The Show Markup option lets the user to see the changes made in the presentation, so it must be used by the user. 

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