Are you ready to risk the safety of your PC with free Antivirus

We live in the modern, techno savvy world of today, where computers are more sought after than pen and paper, and time is of the essence. It would be an understatement to say that the computer or the laptop if our best friend, as factually, it is a lot more than that.  Be it our work space or personal lives, computers have made it extremely convenient to operate and get things done sitting at one place.

It’s only natural that for a device as important as your computer, you would want to get the best possible protection. Antivirus software is one such way of upgrading your computer’s security and giving it added protection against corrupt files, viruses and malwares. The PC is not too dissimilar to a car, and like a car, requires constant care, attention and servicing. The antivirus is a way of making sure that your computer remains secure even in the most trying conditions.

There are a number of companies which provide free antivirus software for your computer, which you can just download and install. This seems like a better option than actually buying an antivirus for a certain amount of money. But, as is the case with all things free, there’s a little catch: not all the antiviruses that you download online are genuine. A large percentage of these are Trojans or malwares themselves, and they do more harm than good to your system.

There is a tendency to download these software’s for free, and then installing all possible upgrades which are offered by the company. It’s always better to buy a software which comes with a guarantee/warranty period, simply because that would mean that the particular company or brand can be trusted enough to provide security for your computer.  These free antiviruses not only corrupt your system, sometimes they cause it to crash completely, which then requires you to get a full system upgrade or change it entirely.

The only piece of advice to take from this is that one can’t ever be too cautious. When it comes to your device or your computer, it means dealing with sensitive data, whether official or personal. In such a scenario, it’s of imperative importance that you get the best possible protection for your PC, and not take a risk with these free antiviruses. Keep your PC safe, and make sure you buy legal certified software.


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