Advertising Your Small Business: The Basics

You’ve started your small business, so what now?  Unfortunately, you could have built the best business structure in the world, but no one will ever know about it unless you provide the public with sufficient advertising to begin boosting your profits. The benefits of proper advertising for your business can prove to be immeasurable, so make sure you do it right!  Here are a few well-informed tips to beginning the journey of small business advertisement.

Advertisement on a budget

When working with a small business, there’s not always an endless supply of funds to toss towards advertising. Don’t fear. You have options. For one, you can try putting ads on Facebook. Everyone knows that Facebook has become a wide world of social advertisement. Facebook ads will help you to be seen by a large volume of web traffic. You could also look into donating to a proper cause or organization. Most places will advertise your business, with a banner for example, for no extra cost with the reception of  a simple donation.

Successful advertising strategies

In order to develop successful advertising methods your advertising must provide the customer with some sort of benefit or solution to a problem. The perk or solution has to be desired by the customer and yet still tie to the service or product your business is offering. Also, it is important to make sure that the message you are trying to convey is not lost in the glamour of the ads.

Advertising on a small budget doesn’t offer the glitz and glam of large advertising campaigns, so don’t be afraid to bend the rules sometimes. A well-known car rental company actually boosted their sales by admitting that they were number two in their field. When they dropped that campaign their sales took such a large hit that they dropped to number six. Conventional does not always mean successful.

Benefits of proper advertising

Proper advertisement is not simply put in motion to boost sales or clientele. Well placed and well rounded advertisement should benefit your business in many different ways. Here is just a small list of the rewards you may reap:


  • Your advertisement will remind customers of the benefits your product offers.

  • Advertising will establish and maintain your distinct identity in the business world.

  • If done properly, you may even enhance your company’s reputation.

  • Exceptional advertisement can help serve as a substitute for poor or insufficient customer service experiences.

  • A well built advertisement can boost your sales.

Remember to maintain in your mind that you have complete control when formulating your advertisements. Be consistent and put time and effort into planning your approach. Advertising has the ability to boost your company profits and solve any cash flow problems you may encounter, so do your research.


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