A Simple Guide To Outdoor Marketing For Online Businesses

Be truthful to yourself: do you rely exclusively on online marketing for your Internet business? It’s no surprise if you do. After all, there are plenty of channels you can get stuck into and the digital world i clearly one you are comfortable with. But have you ever thought about going outside to market your business? If not, then maybe it’s time to start.

There are plenty of reasons why you should be marketing in your local area. For a start, it’s a chance to meet people face to face, which is always better than firing off emails that, maybe, never get read. Also, there isn’t too much guarantee that your content marketing strategy will work.


With this in mind, we thought we would give you some ideas for taking your online business to the outdoor world. Ready to get started? Then let’s take a walk.


Get Your Name In The Paper


Although many new media are aghast at the idea that traditional advertising still works, it does. People still read the paper, especially the local ones. However, don’t throw all your money at one single glossy ad. You will be far better off running a smaller campaign across a few months. Also, it is the first steps to getting you out of the office and meeting people. If you get to know the newspaper ad people well enough, they can often give you discounted slots for a space they are struggling to sell.


Sponsor An Event


Have a look around and see if there are any community events going on that you can sponsor. Quite often, you can get your name out there for very little cost. Try school fairs or local sports clubs. They are always looking to get help from local businesses, and will be very grateful for anything you can give them. You will also meet other business folk from your area, and the chance of future partnerships will not be uncommon.


Flyer Drops


Flyers still work, as long as you are targeting the right people. You could hire a leaflet distribution company to help you focus on the right customers, or do it yourself. Just bear in mind there will be a lot of legwork involved. In terms of flyer design, keep it simple. State who you are and tell people what you can do for them in clear and legible English. Don’t use jargon, and entice potential customers with special offers.


Start A Business Group


Starting a business group can help you meet up with other business owners in your area. With any luck, you will begin to find other companies whose work is compatible with yours. Let’s say you are web copywriter. All it takes is to meet a web developer who needs words to fill out their client’s website, and you could be at the start of a long and lucrative relationship.


OK, so that’s a few ideas for you. There are so many ways that you can market your business that it seems odd to limit yourself to the online world. And, even if you don’t find clients, the number of local businesses you will encounter will give you more avenues to explore. Happy hunting!




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