3 Essentials for Your Semi-Professional Marketing Photo Shoot

If you have a website, catalog, or use advertisements then photo shoots are going to be a common occurrence in your marketing department. Unfortunately, professional shoots can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And let’s face it; most budding entrepreneurs don’t have that kind of dough in their budget. Here are three tips to help cut down on the costs of your marketing campaigns without sacrificing when it comes to quality.

images 90 3 Essentials for Your Semi Professional Marketing Photo Shoot

Invest in a Good Camera

If you are constantly updating your webpage and catalog or sending new advertisements out, buying your own high end camera is not a bad idea. A quality camera will give you professional quality pictures for years, allowing you to eliminate expensive professionals. You may need to take some course on photography to learn the different settings of your fancy camera, but with the right practice, you can be your own photographer.

Use Natural Lighting

The more natural lighting you can use, the fewer lights you’ll need to supplement your shoot. If you do need extra lighting, avoid ‘photography’ specific lights. They are overpriced and don’t have any added benefits; a high quality lighting set up from somewhere like Grainger is really all you need. Use screens to avoid glare and then touch up any final details in photoshop.

Learn Photoshop

As mentioned above, you can use photoshop to fix A LOT when it comes to photography. Even basic things like brightening colors or adding special filters will give your photos a more professional look. With more people using them, photoshop programs are becoming more user-friendly and easy to learn. Invest a few hours into learning some tricks and you can act as the editor as well.

Now that you’ve eliminated many costs like a professional photographer, expensive lighting, and touching up your final design talk to your friends about modeling for you. Most people would love to help a friend in need, and if necessary just sweeten the deal with a free pizza after, it’s still cheaper than paying for a full shoot multiple times per year.


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